About Us

Bike Hotels makes bike travel easy by connecting cyclists with bike-friendly hotels and accommodation across Australia.  For the first time, cyclists can book accommodation and have the confidence that there will be bike-friendly services available to make their trip easy and hassle-free.  All Bike Hotels partners offer minimum guaranteed services including bike storage and bike wash options, laundry access and breakfast options and/or cooking facilities.  From absolute beginners through to trained professionals, our aim is to make cycling travel easier, no matter how or where you love to ride. 

Our Story

Meet our Founder, Matteo Bono, former professional road cyclist with over 13 years’ experience at World Tour level.  It wasn’t long ago that he was racing in the world’s biggest races for UAE Team Emirates (formerly Lampre).  After retiring at the end of the 2018 season, he relocated to Australia from his home town, Ome, in northern Italy.

He's a humble guy so will never tell you that he was a master of the breakaway, but we know and love him for his consistent appearances in the escapes at the Classics.  Not to mention his 12 participations all the Grand Tours, all three of them. 

Despite Matteo’s impressive career, he will tell you that the real joy of cycling comes from getting out on the bike with your mates, having a laugh and stopping for a really good coffee.  His dream?  To see more people doing it and exploring a little further from home.  “Australia is full of hidden secrets when it comes to cycling experiences but cyclists need to know that there are bike-friendly businesses to support them and to make bike travel easy.  There are some incredible hotels that are ready to warmly welcome the cycling community but they’re just a little hard to find.”  Matteo adds that by introducing Bike Hotels, he hopes to make a positive contribution to the cycling community and in turn, to offer support for Australia’s bike-friendly hotels and the regional communities in which they’re located.

Our Services                   

With a team of specialists across cycling and tourism, Bike Hotels was created to connect cyclists with hotels that provide bike-friendly services to make bike travel easy.  An Australian-first, all Bike Hotels partners are carefully chosen based on their location and their commitment to offering minimum guaranteed services and facilities including:

  • Bike storage
  • Bike wash
  • Washing machine/laundry access
  • Breakfast options

The services and facilities within each of these categories vary based on each hotel partner but at least one option will be offered across each category.  In addition, many of our partners offer additional bike-friendly services to make your next trip truly hassle-free.

Here are some examples of the services and facilities you can expect from our partners:

  1. Bike Storage
  • Bike permitted in the room
  • Dedicated bike storage facility
  • CCTV security
  • Secure storage in a room as part of the hotel’s main building
  • Secure bike cage
  • Wall mounts/bike racks in secure carparking area
  1. Bike Wash
  • Dedicated bike wash station
  • Access to outdoor hose/tap
  • Bucket, water and cloth
  • Access to water in undercover car park
  1. Laundry Services
  • Washing machine in some or all room types
  • Free onsite guest laundry
  • Paid onsite guest laundry
  1. Breakfast Options
  • Onsite buffet breakfast
  • Continental breakfast
  • Room service breakfast menu
  • Full kitchen facilities in room
  • Kitchenette (toaster and kettle at a minimum)
  • Breakfast packs available for purchase
  1. Additional Bike-Friendly Services and Facilities
  • Workshop area
  • Basic bike maintenance tools (i.e. bike pump, allen keys, wrench, pliers)
  • Repair kits and tools
  • Spare parts
  • Bike pump
  • Maps and guides
  • Transfer services
  • Bike hire
  • Guided bike tours
  • Groups options