10:30 Pulcinella

10:30 Pulcinella


3 coffees, 2 cappuccinos, 4 Cokes, 1 ginseng in a long cup, 4 brioches with jam and 2 tarts...

In the end, the list was always long, the group was always large, of almost any age and level regardless of what the day's program included.

Our meeting point was always at the same place and at the same time; 10:30 Pulcinella.

A few professional cyclists, some Under 23 riders, amateurs training for a gran fondo and those who joined just for the sake of cycling. 

The ride programs varied from the classic 'coffee ride' to 6/7 hours with infinite climbs, but one thing was always certain; at the first break the bunch was always back together again and from there some would return home and others still had more training to do.

The usual rules always applied; wait at the end of the specific work for everyone, water stops are expected, stop if someone has a mechanical problem and a coffee break was generally paid ‘alla romana’ (splitting the bill).

The group was really close, we had a lot of fun and even if the workouts were hard, doing it together made it better.

In almost 25 years of cycling, I have met many cyclists.  I have trained with triathletes, cyclocross riders and mountain bikers.  I have cycled with jewelers, surveyors, engineers, graphic designers, railway workers, forklift mechanics, the unemployed, retired and regardless of their athletic ability and cycling experiences they have always been able to teach me and help me grow.

When I left cycling, I owed a particular note to my training group who always supported and put up with me during training and competitions, they encouraged me to give and do more, they accompanied me and waited on long and difficult days and they have made my cycling experience beautiful, fun and exciting.

I think pedaling in company is one of the best incentives for a cyclist to go a little further, to get to the top and sometimes to stop and have a laugh over a coffee.

In the end, our bill was always a bit expensive but it was definitely worth it.